Consulting with Jill was the best birthday gift ever. Following the first month of totally revamping my eating habits, my pain had dramatically reduced 50% and I began loosing weight. It is now the end of my third month under her consultation and I am still losing weight and 90% free of 10 year-old whole body and joint pain. I am sleeping better and my restless leg rarely “kicks” up now. I am a continuing work in progress but finally have made head-way thanks to Jill’s consultations and recommendations. Happy and feeling better.
D. H.
During the first months of my grandson's life we started the morning early at the track, running with my sister and then came home for a swim in the pool. We played, we sang songs, and we strolled. I spent the next year at home with him, the best year of my life. Unfortunately the good came to an end when I became sick with mono and really had a difficult time reviving from it. I couldn't run long distance any longer and keeping up with a toddler was about all I could do. I really focused on my health. I read book after book and eventually went to nursing school in an effort to feel better and to help others. Well, seven years later I know all too well that many of the things I did to feel better were hurting me instead. I'm finally felling better with the help of Jill at True Found Wellness. Because of her, I have the energy to start a new business and dream again. My grandson is now 8 and I'm ready to show him what it's like to REALLY have a Mom in his life. Thank you to everyone who's helped me through this journey.
J. H.
Jill, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for taking me on and working with me to achieve better balance in my body and better health! I know that you have many other clients, though I really felt you treated me like I was your one and only client 🙂 You really looked at me as a bio-individual, to see exactly how my body responded to tests and figured out where I was deficient in minerals and vitamins. You are extremely knowledgeable and caring and all of your recommendations for supplements were spot on: My digestion improved, I have more energy, little to no bloating, more focus and clarity, and really feel so much better over all! I love that your continued thirst for knowledge has taken you on such an incredible journey and your personal weight-release story is so inspiring! Thank you again for all you have done and continue to do to enrich and heal our community! Lots of love and many hugs,
E. W.
To whom it may concern: Twelve and a half years ago I had my gall bladder out, my health slowly went downhill. I never had an issue with IBS-D (Irritable Bowel Syndrome-Disease) but soon after the surgery it began. I didn’t realize it at first and thought I had an infection from surgery. So I went to a gastro doctor who prescribed meds and more meds followed by colonoscopies and endoscopies, but months and years later I was sick of all the needing to find a bathroom where ever I went, followed by pain, cramps and meds that didn’t help. A water specialist friend of mine who teaches about the proper pH water we should drink, told me of a Nutritional Practitioner. I hesitated; I wasn’t ready for more of nothing that wouldn’t help, but I gave her a call. I’m here to say that in the almost year we have been working together, my body has begun healing in and exciting way. I’m mentally more alert and physically more able to go on with my day. Of course we all heal in different lengths of time. I have a little way to go, but the journey has been worth all the time it has taken. I’m not on drugs for the IBS-D anymore, just eating and drinking real food and fresh clean proper pH water, and a few supplements. Thank you Jill Reece for your support, help and friendship throughout this process. Sincerely,
C. R.

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